About Milos

Welcome to the most mesmerizing island in Cyclades, the island of Aphrodite.

Risen up from the sea just like the goddess of beauty, Milos is a place of contrasts; of raw beauty and charm that exudes history and romance.

The crystal clear waters in all shades of blue, the colorful rocks sculptured by the volcanic lava, the golden sandy beaches as well as the unique sunset painted in the infinite sky are some of the thousand colors of every visitor’s palette. That is the reason why the volcanic island shaped in a form that looks like a horseshoe, is also called the ’’Island of Colors’’.

Adamantas or Adamas is the naturally formed port of the island where many boats for daily tours and cruises are grounded. The capital of the island is Plaka, a scenic village built on top of a hill, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the colors of the sunset blending with one another and reflecting on the water.

Milos boasts of more than 70 beaches you can explore. They can either be accessed by car or boat; hence many of them are more remote than others. However, the most distinctive place is Milos is Sarakiniko, the one of a kind beach with the white rocks that looks like a lunar scape. A contrast with the white scenery and the turquoise color of the water. It is the also the place that pirates used to find hideaway.

Kleftiko is another magnificent place distinguished for its raw beauty. Visiting Kleftiko by boat, you instantly become witness of a pristine environment, a nature’s miracle shaped by the abiding battle between the rocks and the waves. For those seeking adventure and tranquility at the same time, exploring the island by sea, are likely due for a surprise of having discovered their own private shore.

How to get there

  • When exiting the ferry turn right,
  • Continue straight until you reach a Piraeus Bank on your right-hand corner.
  • Turn right at the Piraeus bank and continue straight all the way along the shore - the sea should be on your right.
  • You will pass some restaurants and after 500 meters you will see a gas station next to the sea,
  • 50 m from the gas station turn left, go straight 50 meters and then turn again left.
  • After 600 meters you will see on your left hand the Santa Maria Village.

On foot from Adamas port:

  • Just 30 meters before the mining’s museums (on the main road) turn left,
  • take the footpath by a shortcut road straight to the top of the hilland and then
  • you arrive at Santa Maria Village. (without taking any small side roads) – distance 700 meters.


Destination Distance
Adamas Airport 5 km
Adamas Port 1.4 km
Closest bus station 350 m
Closest sandy beach 450 m
Town of Adamas (Restaurants/Shops) via footpath 600 m
Plaka (Capital) 4.6 km
Pollonia village 9.2 km
Sarakiniko beach 2.8 km
Μεταλλευτικό Μουσείο 400 μ.
Conference Centre 1.45 km
Ancient theatre of Milos 5.4 km
Catacombs of Milos 5.2 km


The famous Greek hospitality...

...reaches a new level with the sublime guest services offered by Santa Maria Village, Renowned for the personalized services and friendly environment as well,

Santa Maria Village promises a memorable holiday experience in the pristine insular complex of the Cyclades.

The beautiful swimming pool with a hydro massage and the comfortable sun beds where guests can enjoy a refreshing cocktail from the pool bar is the perfect place for cooling off, while the kids’ swimming pool welcomes younger guests to enjoy a beautiful day in the sun. The outdoor hydro massage and the gulf and bay view of Adamas as well are ideal for extra moments of relaxation.